Himeji Castle

When we originally started planning our trip to Japan, the idea was never to spend our three weeks there in November. Our dates were set for October, but things turned out so beautifully with Japan putting on its autumn cloak in November. From the start, I never thought I would see a cherry blossom whilst traveling Japan, and cherry blossoms are on top of the to-see list of most people going here. I was surprised and delighted to have spotted these blooms, totally out of season (whether they’re cherry blossoms or not) at Himeji Castle, as we strode up the castle ramparts.

Our stop at Himeji Castle was a short one, as we did the half day visit during our travel day from Osaka to Hiroshima. This castle is a national treasure and one of the few historical buildings in Japan that still contains the original wooden structure – most of the temples and other buildings of historical interest have either burnt down over the centuries or have suffered the destruction of war. Replicas are all you see and if ever Himeji Castle should burn down, I don’t know if they would be able to rebuild it – I doubt trees to make these size wooden beams exist on our planet anymore.

Seven floors of intimidation
Seven stories of intimidation.


At the foot of the stone foundations, this castle is so big it’s difficult to get it in the frame.
Swaying in the wind
The wind was blowing and the twigs just wouldn’t hold still – so happy I managed to capture this with my Canon G7 X
This castle is so big, it is difficult to take photos
Impressive stone walls.
Check out those beams
All seven floors of beautiful wooden beams and floors.
Himeji Castle
This castle is so big, the usual crowd of tourists seemed diluted.

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