This blog is pure writing indulgence. As our ten-week Around The World trip looms on the horizon, I decided to hone my travel writing skills with this little bit of blogging “bliss.” Let’s see how long it lasts. And whether I can keep up with my husband’s and two kids’ (8 and 6) exploits as we explore the places we chose to visit on this trip.

Some lame excuses: I am not a cook/chef/domestic goddess. My daily dallying in the kitchen is severely cramped by my son’s refusal to eat anything but the pure basics. He loves tomato sauce, so you’ll see me explore the world with a bottle of ketchup in my bag… That said, some of my most vivid travel memories are laden with the food we ate. I find that food makes up a big part of any journey – or it should.

I’m not a photographer either…eish, blush, and yes. I might suffer from camera envy, and I wish knew more, but life is all about learning so let’s see how good this is going to get! There is really only scope for improvement here. If you want to get online-surfing-induced-hunger-pangs, follow my gorgeous friend, Tasha Seccombe, who is a professional photographer and foodie. http://tashaseccombe.com/category/food/

All that said, I hope you will enjoy our journey with us. This one is for my dad, Norbert Karl, who showed me how to travel. Explore everything, be open to anything, take only pictures and leave only footprints. Ten years’ worth of journeys, and not one has gone by where I didn’t wish you were there.

Bon voyage et bon appetit!

The Tasty Travel Titbitter. Or Titbiter? Whatever. J