Safari in Madikwe, South Africa.

Going around the world just to come home and realize it’s the best place on earth!

I had the absolute joy of going on safari in the Northwest Province of South Africa with a group of my best friends. Two of them have never been on safari, and it was a privilege to expose them to this amazing experience. Safari means journey in Swahili, and experiencing nature and wildlife up close like this is something that takes your heart on a journey that will touch you for the rest of your life.

Of all the things I’ve experienced, I can promise you this one thing: once you have the dust of African soil on your feet, you will never shake it off.

Eeek, I can't help myself - another sunset moment.
Sunset over the veldt with sundowners.
Leopard eyes.
This beauty rose its head for a split second and I was lucky to get this pic!
Sundowner snacks - biltong, crisps, pecan nuts and dried mango.
Our sundowner snacks – from top left clockwise: biltong, crisps, sundried mango and pecan nuts.
Mom and baby zebra.
Zebra mom and baby.
Food! Salad, chickpea fritters, and vegetable lasagne.
Lunch – three types of salads, chickpea fritters and a vegetable lasagne: everything was delicious.
An unsettling direct stare.
Lion eyes can give quite a stare.
Buffalo at the watering hole.
These buffalo were so skittish. We saw two male lions and another pride a few hundred meters from the watering hole. The buffalos could smell them and made quick work of having a sip at the watering hole.
White rhino
Sunlight on these white rhinos.
A relaxing moment in the pool overlooking the bush.
This is what you do when you are not on a game drive.
At the watering hole, zebra, buffalo, wildebesst and impala.
At the watering hole: zebra, impala, wildebeest, and buffalo.
Cheetah brothers bum to bum.
Cheetah brothers bum to bum.
Sunrise on the early morning game drive.
Elephant Crossing
Elephant crossing!
Boma dinner served barbecue style with the side dishes from African black pots.
Boma dinner: barbecue and side dishes served from these black African pots.




Safari Njema!

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