Home is where the heart is…

Traveling starts at home. Having lived in Tanzania and Madagascar for the past seven years, it’s fun to again explore my birth town of Johannesburg. The first few posts honor a few little sneaky nooks that had sprouted in my absence. You never have to go far to find something delicious, even if it is only to your own kitchen…but that tends to take some effort. I chose to go treasure hunt in Linden, which seems to be an up-and-coming gourmet haunt for those in the neighborhood. Well, it’s been there for a while, so up-and-coming might be there-and-raging.

My first find is Cheese Gourmet in Linden, a shop that specializes in selling only South African produced cheeses and lovely accompaniments. Delicious olives, bread, cured meats, and preserves round off your delectable finds. It is a busy spot, with customers coming and going and the ladies behind the counter happily serving tasty titbits of cheese – so right up my alley – before you commit to a whole triangle. Needless to say, be prepared to overspend. For a gourmet shop without a website, only a Facebook presence and a spread that lacks for nothing, word-of-mouth got the Linden culinary revolution started, with Cheese Gourmet leading.


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