Kanazawa Fish Market Fun

Situated on the west coast of Japan, Kanazawa turned out to be a little culinary hotspot. We’ve heard about the legendary Kanazawa snow crab from our Japanese friends, but you need to see it to believe it. Well, here you go. Some photos for all those crab lovers! As usual, the Japanese do seasonal things with love and gusto (snow crab season runs from November to March). I wish I could share the smell that hung over the city as we got off our speed train from Nagano. I kid you not, as we walked to our hotel it seemed that the city was huddled in a blanket of crab infused fog as restaurants cooked up a storm for dinner.

We visited the fish market, which was so much nicer than the one in Tokyo. Here they don’t mind you taking photos (yet) and there is much more to see for the humble tourist. We had some fun tasting our way through some nibbles, not always knowing what we were biting into. My husband convinced me it was a chicken yakitori and it didn’t taste too far off. It was eel intestines. Apparently very healthy…so cheers to that. As we dug into our giant grilled prawns, a couple of locals worked their way through a pile of the raw version. Clearly, we still have some way to go here.



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