Shirakawa-go: finally feeling like a tourist.

We descended on this little mountain village with round about 5000 (?) other tourists for the day. Let’s just say it got a bit crowded at times, as both morning and afternoon tours flooded in by the busload. Well, couldn’t blame them. You get very trigger-happy in a place like this, with such a gorgeous setting and interesting old houses. Due to their mountain location, these villages were cut off from the rest of the world for a long time, preserving the lifestyle and buildings. But now only around 190 of these old Gassho-style houses remain, as many of them were lost due to fire, flooding to build dams, or were modernized, losing their character. The houses are built out of wood, bamboo, rope, and grass, not a nail in sight and they can withstand piles of heavy snow. In the high pitched roofs, the people reared silkworms. This world heritage site is gorgeous, even more so because of the open spaces (by Japanese standards) and surrounding mountains, calling you for a long hike. Enjoy.

A river runs through the village
We’ve seen this intense turquoise water everywhere.
Gassho house roof interior, lots of old farming equipment
Gassho house roof interior, lost of old farming equipment on show in what used to be the silkworm space.
Can't get enough of these gorgeous autumn colors
Can’t get enough of these gorgeous autumn colors.
Country side
At last a photo with no other tourists.
Close up of the roof's exterior. Lots of things growing there
Roof detail. This is what grows if you just let it be.
Cold sake with lunch
I love sake!
Detail of the roof exterior
Roofs are built from wood, bamboo, rope, and grass.
Going up the hill for a view
Going up the hill for a view of the town from the viewpoint, but as we were running out of time we didn’t make it all the way to the top.
Here they used to keep the silk worms. You cannot step on the thin slates of wood, you will fall right through!
Interior, smells smokey. You can’t walk on the thin wooden beams, you will fall right through.
Husband grills his own beef for lunch
In the Japanese style, you get to cook your own food at the table.
Keep your fish as fresh as possible by housing them in the stream in front of your house
Keep your fish fresh by locking them in in the local stream that passes your house.
Kids getting cosy around the fire pit in the centre of the ground floor. The whole house is a bit smokey
The interior heating system, in the centre of the ground floor.
Koi fish live in the streams and rivers
Koi (? they look like koi) live in the local rivers and streams.
Last pic ;-)
Just couldn’t get enough of this landscape.
Local country handcraft items for sale
Handcrafted items for sale. Apparently you are not allowed to take photos.
Lots of tourists in my photos!!
Autumn is still wearing its most beautiful colors.
Loved this little tiny house
This was a tiny one.
Lunch close up. Mushrooms, peppers, onions, Hida Beef (local, very delicious)
Lunch is smoking away, therefore the hazy photo 😉
Moss and other things grow on the older roofs
Green roof!

Rustic scenerySunbathing dragonfly

The daily mushroom shot. These were minute, but my daughter spotted them ;-)
Mushroom image, slightly out of focus. Sorry, it was super tiny. Situated between the moss. My daughter spotted them.

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