Visiting Miyajima was one of the highlights of our trip, being such a diverse and interesting experience. It was like visiting a mini version of Japan, as this small island sums up all the things to enjoy in Japan in one go.

There is the Toril Gate, standing like a bastion in the bay and a beacon for visitors. The Itsukushima Shrine, itself seeming to float in the water during high tide, is one of the most important Shinto Shrines in Japan. The village is filled with beautiful shops and eateries – some shops have little factories in them, and you can see the complete production process of whatever they sell, as with the maple leaf bean paste treats here. I’ve come to realize that this is a ‘thing’ in Japan, as people pride themselves on what they do and don’t shy away from exhibiting how things work.

From the village, a nice little hike through beautiful woodland, with bridges and streams, takes you to the cable car station. Two cable car rides, one seated, and one standing in a much bigger car (in which they squeeze around 30 people, just to remind you that you are in Japan and space is an issue) and you’re almost on top of Mount Misen – but already on top of the world. Literally. The view from Mount Misen is spectacular and has been rated as one of the top three views in Japan. I personally couldn’t get enough of it and a day couldn’t have been more perfect.

Approaching the island with oyster farming
View from the boat – you can see here the oyster farming taking place.
Bean paste treats in the shape of maple leaves
Bean paste treats in the shape of Maple leaves.
Boy in Black with Red Maple
Boy in Black with Red.
First cable car ride
The first cable car ride takes you over the forest.


Mini factory
Shop window factory in action.

Production process can be viewed from the shop window

Shinto Shrine in low tide
Shinto Shrine
Shinto Shrine seems to float in the waer
Shinto Shrine seems to float in the water.
The biggest rice paddle in the world
The biggest rice paddle in the world. As if they weren’t famous enough 😉
These ships seem to float in the clouds and not on water
As the weather changed these ships seemed to start floating on clouds instead of water.
Toril Gate close-up
Toril Gate

Toril Gate

View of Hiroshima from
Hiroshima from a distance
View one
View of the mountains and sea.
View there
I’d rather love to visit that small beach in the bottom right-hand corner. One day…

View with oyster farming surrounding the islandsIMG_6716

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