Ha. Disney World.

Ha. Disney World. What can I say: so much fun to be had, but you also reach the point where you Just. Can’t. Do. Another. Ride. After our six-day intensive, which the kids loved once they realized how this place works, we were exhausted, mostly suffering from various degrees of colds and throat infections, thanks to not pacing ourselves (clearly not an option when there is so much to do).

Things I enjoyed the most: Epcot Centre’s ride Soar’in where you fly like a bird around the world (this seems to be a theme of late). The Frozen Sing-a-Long at Universal Studios (I got weird glances from the kids next to me, haha), the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom the night we went to Mickey’s ‘not so scary’ Halloween party. Some things never get old and fireworks are one of them.

As for the culinary experience: this was a swamp of the worst waters. The North American diet is legendary, but to be honest, if this is what it’s like all over, it’s a nightmare. I’ve never eaten so much just Plain Bad Food in a week. I hope that our experience was just a localized series of bad choices since we didn’t have time to explore deeper into Orlando or other places in Florida. If the vegetables at a steakhouse are the elements of a plate of ribs that might make you go back to a specific restaurant, then someone’s missed the plot. And for Pete’s sake, never go eat a buffet with the Disney Characters. You pay, and you pay, and then, just to make sure…you pay some more!

My conclusion after this rather expensive indulgence: if you ever have to toss up between Euro Disney or Disney World, skip the whole French attempt at this business. Disney World is fake, busy, but so friendly, and it knows exactly how it fits in in the bigger scheme of things. The atmosphere here was so much happier than what we experienced some years ago at Euro Disney. Plus, there is so much more to do here, lists of things which I’ll leave for you to explore. Make peace early on that you’d never be able to do everything.

But…leave the food for the French. Make that a separate trip. Or just go to New York, our next stop. The Patisseries grace every second corner here!






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