We are all linguists here.

Some phrases we’ve coined since our launch:

Commercial Soothing: when you – in desperation – buy a toy for the other child just to get through with the day (because the birthday child might have gotten a gift or two, and the other one’s lip is consequently sweeping the New York pavement). Yuk.

Toy Store Revitalization: an energy boost for the little ones, that is relatively cheap and can keep you going for another hour or two with things you want to do whilst Les enfants terribles play with their new toys. NB: only small purchases allowed. Cabin luggage only, remember?

UPS: U Packed (that) Sh*t?! As we wonder why we packed certain items, including the JBL speaker (because we don’t have time to jam it or throw a party in our ‘sardine suite’ at the hotel). Or the numerous number of soft toys the kids can’t go without when at home, especially since soft toys are the first thing they zone in on everywhere…and soft toys are…everywhere!! Or that pair of shoes I still haven’t worn…guess we’ll just have to UPS it. The question is the destination…do we UPS it to the bin or home? All suggestions welcome.

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