What I love about traveling are the things that you get to learn along the way and not necessarily visiting places you already know about because of their history or any other remarkable feat that makes them stand out. This was my experience with Monterey and its Cannery Row, thus named after a novel written by John Steinbeck, published in 1945. This little town canned off their annual sardine run to such an extent that they wiped the sardine population out. By the mid-seventies, this place was a ghost town. So what do you do once you’ve killed off all the fish? You build an aquarium, of course. Then you name the main road after the novel written by Steinbeck, because he is famous for a good reason, then fill the streets with quaint little shops, and you’re good to go! Lovely place really.

Cannery RowI love watching these jelly fishObserve the plankton. Not the big white spots - those are squid - but the white speckles are tiny liite plantonView from the aquiarium. Better weather might improve it

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