San Francisco

A dreamy place, huddled in a blanket of fog that comes and goes at it pleases. One day there is not enough – what were we thinking – but if you have one day only, you make the most of it. It helps if you are up at six and ready to rock and roll, thanks to some convenient jetlag. This, people, is what you can squeeze into a day in San Fran with two kids in tow:

  • A walk on the pier to watch the sunrise
  • Breakfast at Peet’s, in time to watch all those people-not-wearing-suits arrive for work
  • Some play at the playground for the kids – so early that their bums are the ones to wipe the dew off everything
  • A criss-cross tram ride on the original tramlines San Francisco is famous for
  • A ferry cruise to the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz
  • A walk around Pier 39 (tourist trap alert)
  • Cioppino with a view over the harbor – without a doubt so far one of the BEST dishes I’ve eaten on this trip. A beautiful tomato-based seafood stew, which has its origins in Sicily. The waiter told us it was one of those dishes created from leftovers, and promptly reassured us that their version, of course, contains no leftovers. Phew. Husband had seafood risotto. I still wonder who had the best dish here because after I had a bite of his risotto, I eyed his plate for the rest of the meal with a bit of despairing jealously. So little time, so little tummy space!
  • Dinner at Y&Z and a stroll through China Town. See the previous post for this one!

Everybody still with us?

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