Kyoto – Arashiyama

It seems to me as we’ve slowly slipped down a steep slope to tourist mania. Somehow in Tokyo, I got the feeling that the city just absorbed everybody, with tourists melting in with the rest. In Kyoto, things were different – there were rivers of crowds at some of the sites, and at others, there were almost none. To nitpick our way to find the emptier spots is a skill we’ve acquired lately. Thank you, kids, for forcing us to adapt or die. J

Here we are in Arashiyama, technically outside of Kyoto but so very close. We took an old train there, very quaint, and found this gorgeous train station decorated with fabric prints and lights. Note: everyone wearing a kimono here is a tourist. Quite a few things make this a popular destination – bamboo forests, boat rides, the snow monkey park, but we found our own Secret Garden in the foothills and escaped the hordes.


Upwards is the only way to peace. These trees make a shrine themselves
I took this photo to escape the crowd…
We were too late for a boat cruise
We were just too late to take a boat cruise.
Lonely bike and bamboo. Not for long. I wonder how I managed to take this pic
I don’t know how I managed to take this pic, there were a lot of people passing.
A river of people run through the Bamboo Forest
And a river of people runs through it.
Reminded me fondly of Tamatave
This reminded me of Madagascar, although, these ones are in very good shape.
Beautiful light pillars decorate the station
Gorgeous lights at the station.


And here photos of our Secret Garden, or rather the garden grown by a Japanese actor who as a star of the silent silver screen era. Okochi Sanso was a true sanctuary after we went side stream from the main bamboo grove.

With a little path disappearing into the forest
Optical illusion as the path ‘disappears into the mountain’
View over Kyoto 2
View over Kyoto from the garden.
The house of the japanese silent movie era. He built this garden. Okochi Sanso Garden
The villa.
Me and my autumn photos. I've never experienced an autumn like this, all you spoiled lot! Seven years in the tropics
We were lucky to see the garden in its best autumn dress.
My kids loved it!
Kids loved being able to run around and play hide and seek.


Tea house with view...and empty...for now. I take photos at speed
Boy in Blue in the Tea House.
Little house
A mini version of the house and garden.
Leaves. Too gorgeous not to capture on film.

In the Secret GardenIn the Secret Garden - empty pathways

Green tea - as close to a tea ceremony we are going to get
Yip, this was as close to a traditional tea ceremony we were going to get.
Boy in blue with orange leaves
Boy in Blue with yellow.
Dadday carrying Lala
And after all that running a little daddy hug was necessary.
Down to the river we went
View to the river.


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