Kyoto – Nara

This one turned out more adventurous than we anticipated, as we got mugged and laughed as other got mugged in turn. Yip, folk, you can get mugged in Japan by deer. Makes for a nice change 😉

Here some photos of an epic day, which the children loved. Needless to say, the deer got their pound of money out of us, but we also got a few tricks up our sleeves: never show a deer a biscuit and don’t crack one in half in their vicinity – they recognize the sound.

Beautiful old tees line the avenues
The roots of the trees show everywhere, I’m starting to suspect it is intentional.
In the East dragons mean water, and not fire
In the East dragons mean water. We saw them a lot in Nara.
Lots of temples and shrines in Nara
One of the many temples at Nara.
Manholes in Japan are usually decorated with a theme from the area
Manholes are usually beautifully decorated with a theme from the area.
Deer mugging as it happens.
These two weren't interacting with these deer, but playing pokemon-go, which is quite good for being informed about all the historical sites
These two were not interacting with these well fed mammals, nope, they were playing Pokemon Go, which actually turned out to be a good way to explore an area as it shows you all the historical sites.
This sign wasn't for the inevitable deer poop, but for fruit that fell from a certain tree
I got to step in deer poop, but this sign was for something else – fruit that fell off a tree. Not sure I would have noticed the difference.
More gorgeous trees.
Walking through golden leaves
A temple entrance decked in ginko leaves.

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