New York, New York!

The thing with New York is that she’s no stranger. She’s seen on the screen so often; you feel you have developed a personal long-distance relationship with her. And yet, after a whole week in New York, I feel like I hardly know this city at all.

It’s tough to scrape the surface on this one in such a short time. But from what I’ve seen, I can tell you this: it’s a place of infinite grace and beauty. The buildings crowd each other as much as the people crowd each other and looking from afar even the architectural eye-sore that would stand out anywhere else blends in between the magnificence of the other skyscrapers.

The same could be said of the people: streets are filled with all kinds shooting ahead and trailing tourists along like comet tails at the intersections. This is a particularly interesting smorgasbord of people: they speak American English but haven’t let go of their roots – people still seem to speak the mother tongues they arrived with, be it a month or a century ago. Maybe this is why it is so easy to feel you fit right in. Or maybe I’ve got it all wrong. One thing is certain, I’d love to get to know it better and figure out whether I’m right or just mislead. Return planned, but not yet mapped out.

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