Nobody’s perfect. Sigh.

I’ve come to realize I might be the worst food blogger out there. Between the husband and myself, we have to remind ourselves to take photos before we start devouring our food. Most of my photos here were taken a few bites down and the best photos were taken by the hubby. Sorry folks, but I’m not in the habit of putting every meal we have on FB. Good grief, that might be a tad boring.

Interesting though is the habit of Chinese restaurants in the States to serve dishes in a minimum of 4 portions/servings. I.e. come hungry, make friends with the people sitting next to you in a restaurant so you can share, or take the heaps that are left over home. In New York, we ate at The Original Buddha Bodai, a Kosher Vegetarian Chinese restaurant (clearly catering for everybody). In San Francisco, we went to the Michelin Bib awarded Z&Y in China Town. Well worth the wait, given that the sidewalk outside the Z&Y is a mill of mostly locals and the odd tourist who know how to use every eating app lately designed (aka husband). Herewith some pics of our joy. Note: The Michelin Notice makes you think your mouth is about to descend into hell, but actually, the chili level was just perfect.

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