Nothing like a little wurst…

This was our first meal in New York, and biting into that wurst was the exact moment in which I realized we’ve left the swamp behind. Nothing beats Curry Wurst and Sauerkraut from the Saturday morning street market close to Times Square. Inner city roads are closed for the day to make way for huge […]

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We are all linguists here.

Some phrases we’ve coined since our launch: Commercial Soothing: when you – in desperation – buy a toy for the other child just to get through with the day (because the birthday child might have gotten a gift or two, and the other one’s lip is consequently sweeping the New York pavement). Yuk. Toy Store […]

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Ha. Disney World.

Ha. Disney World. What can I say: so much fun to be had, but you also reach the point where you Just. Can’t. Do. Another. Ride. After our six-day intensive, which the kids loved once they realized how this place works, we were exhausted, mostly suffering from various degrees of colds and throat infections, thanks […]

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So many reasons to come back…

I don’t really believe in “love at first sight.” But three days could most definitely do it. These three days in Madrid was my first taste of Spain, and boy, do I hope this is a start of a long and passionate love affair. The people are friendly, the food is fantastic, everything is easily […]

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Mercado de San Miguel

After our disastrous Sunday lunch attempt at the Mercado, we returned here on a late afternoon during the week. Wise choice – no crowds and you could actually see the food! Yes! One does eat with the eyes first, you know. It’s actually and the ideal time to eat if you’re not keen for the […]

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Platea Madrid

This was FUN! A beautiful old cinema has been converted into a multilevel tapas bar. It’s simple. Sit down at a table, order your drinks from the waiter, and then cruise the different stalls for your meal, which you pay directly for at the stall. Return with your find, indulge, and repeat until you need […]

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Bien Venidos A Madrid!

I’m not even sure if that’s the right way to say welcome to Madrid, but that’s the Airbnb’s wifi password and sounds about right? THIS PLACE, people! It’s warm, it’s full of green spaces, and the food is fantastic. Let’s come live here! Oh wait…let’s come live here in Octobers only. Yip – if this […]

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Around the World

Take off 7 October 2017!! 74 days (getting to 80 was too tight (honestly, we didn’t count)). 9 countries (hopping from Singapore to Helsinki – that sounds so cool). All the time zones J The weather is going to get interesting (Singapore – Helsinki (in December)) 2 kids 2 adults Cabin luggage only. What can […]

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