This was such a fun thing to do with my daughter, who loved the well-oiled machine of ‘getting dressed in a Kimono’ in Kyoto. These type of shops are found all over Japan, as locals also use them for weddings and other ceremonies. Here are some photos of us picking our kimonos – we were […]

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Kyoto – Nara

This one turned out more adventurous than we anticipated, as we got mugged and laughed as other got mugged in turn. Yip, folk, you can get mugged in Japan by deer. Makes for a nice change 😉 Here some photos of an epic day, which the children loved. Needless to say, the deer got their […]

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Kyoto – Arashiyama

It seems to me as we’ve slowly slipped down a steep slope to tourist mania. Somehow in Tokyo, I got the feeling that the city just absorbed everybody, with tourists melting in with the rest. In Kyoto, things were different – there were rivers of crowds at some of the sites, and at others, there […]

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The quickest way to avoid a crowd is to go up a mountain. This seems to be true in Japan, where the tourist season, although running thin now, is a bit robust for us, who are used to 3rd world tourism. Read: sparse with loads of space. In Takayama, we ditched the crowds around the […]

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Staying in a traditional Japanese inn – ryokan – must be the epitome of the Japanese experience. I’m yet to get into a kimono and walk the streets of Kyoto or participate in the formal tea ceremony, but I somehow sense that staying in a ryokan could be, by far, the most authentic. We stayed […]

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Kanazawa Fish Market Fun

Situated on the west coast of Japan, Kanazawa turned out to be a little culinary hotspot. We’ve heard about the legendary Kanazawa snow crab from our Japanese friends, but you need to see it to believe it. Well, here you go. Some photos for all those crab lovers! As usual, the Japanese do seasonal things […]

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The little town of Obuse was such a surprise. After our visit to the Snow Monkey Park in Yudanaka on the afternoon of our arrival, we had a whole day to do…we were not sure what. The weather wasn’t great and all the summer activities in the area had already closed as snow might set […]

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